• My Extensions - Last updated: 22 Apr 2020

Validated extensions at phpBB.com

These extensions have passed the phpBB Customisations Team’s validation process. They follow the Extension Validation Policy and are safe to be deployed in production.

Extensions in development

These extensions haven’t been tested thoroughly and can contain bugs. Proceed with caution.

Custom work

This is just a small selection of my custom works for you phpBB enthusiasts out there. If you’re interested in my services, feel free to send me a PM.

  • Various Auto Memberships extensions
    User profile & group membership synchronization using 3rd party web services
  • BBCode Permissions extension
    Fine-grained forum-based permissions for default and custom BBCodes
  • Force Profile Update extension
    Force users to update their profile data if any profile field doesn’t meet the requirements
  • Groupy extension
    Adding, removing, making default, promoting and demoting users in an automated way
  • Relax Arcade extension
    Famous MOD by Ours converted to an extension
  • Invite extension
    Famous MOD by killbill converted to an extension
  • PlusMinus extension
    Famous MOD by bill converted to an extension