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by roury
31 Oct 2019, 00:31
Forum: mChat Rooms
Topic: [1.2.12] mChat Rooms add-on
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Re: [1.2.12] mChat Rooms add-on

Thanks for the Update Kasimi
by roury
09 Sep 2019, 23:03
Forum: mChat Sticky Footer
Topic: [1.4.0] mChat Sticky Footer
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Re: [1.4.0] mChat Sticky Footer

kasimi wrote:
18 Jul 2019, 08:08
Another update:

Code: Select all

- This code is only accessible to donors -
Thanks Kasimi, Work for me using the last version of mChat and quickreloaded
by roury
07 Sep 2019, 23:54
Forum: mChat Support
Topic: [HowTo] White icons for dark styles
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Re: [HowTo] White icons for dark styles

is not working on Milk V2
by roury
04 Sep 2019, 03:39
Forum: mChat Support
Topic: Feature request, private messages
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Re: Feature request, private messages

please Kasimi, this will be great!!!
by roury
04 Sep 2019, 03:09
Forum: mChat Rooms
Topic: mChat rooms and Milkv2 theme
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Re: Probleme with mchat room on my forum

Hello Kasimi,

I have im using Milk v2 too, i can't create room or invite user, I set all permission "yes" but it doesn't work.
I just click "New Room" and nothing happen.

Can you help me?

And another questions. How to hide sticky mChat in mobile devices?