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Re: [1.1.0] mChat Infinite Scroll


Post by NAPWR » 19 May 2019, 06:36

Hello Kasimi and All,

I've had a problem with new chat posts not showing in view live,
with members complaining about not knowing there was a new reply, until they refresh page or came back to chat.
and live is switched on in ACP/Mchat.

What I found is if we scroll back up the Mchat page, I think that is when the chat page is still loaded with older posts, stops new chat posts showing up in view at bottom of chat.
So what I found today is to F5 refresh page after your previous chat page scrolling, and chat box is normal again and should show chat posts as they are made at bottom again.

I was wondering if anyone can test to see if the is correct.

Regards Dave I

Added in 47 minutes 30 seconds:

It may well be browser issues,

but the unusual thing is that live worked well for 2 years.

I even disabled Infinite Scroll and not help now and so enabled Infinite scroll again.

The chat message amount setting works when chat page is low on chats, untill the page fills up.

Hope to find something that can fix live again.

Added in 16 minutes 17 seconds:
I am using FireFox now for a Test for a few days,

and if this works Live Chat updates, Google Chrome has gone backwards.

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