Message doesn't send

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Message doesn't send

Post by Cookie »

I just installed mChat on my phpBB forum, and when I press enter, it adds a new line.
When I click the enter button, it does nothing.


Also, the menu doesn't look right..

This one:

What do I do?
How can I fix this? :(
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Re: Message doesn't send

Post by kasimi »

Hi Cookie,

looks like a JavaScript problem. Check your browser console for errors.
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Re: Message doesn't send

Post by miri4ever »

I got the same button inside a sidebar. But this kind of button switch for a new line only works at the main top or inside the sidebar, depend on where the code is placed inside. It will not work in both locations at the same time. I try to change the variable for the JavaScript for the toggle to work wherever user press this kind of switch line, but got no success with yet in how to do.

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