number of characters in MCHAT_STATIC_MESSAGE

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number of characters in MCHAT_STATIC_MESSAGE


Post by Marti » 18 Jun 2017, 19:50

I whish to show pictures in the static message but when I enter th html code to link them I have a problem with the 255 chars limit
I wish to now where I can modufy that?

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Re: number of characters in MCHAT_STATIC_MESSAGE


Post by kasimi » 19 Jun 2017, 13:58

The database field where the rules as well as the static message are stored is limited to 255 characters (config_value column in the phpbb_config table). However, there's an easy fix for you: put your content into the language file: ... at.php#L91

In the long term, both values should be moved to the phpbb_config_text table where they can be more than 16 million characters long. I've opened an issue that you can follow here:

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