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Messages not updating bug

Post by Bgagger »

Ever since we started using mChat, some of our forum members have reported problems with chat messages sometimes getting stuck. New messages won't update, even when sent by the user themselves. Until they refresh the page, then they appear.
It never seems to be a problem of the message not sending, only of the message list not updating.

This seems most common for mobile users.
It appears to happen less, or not at all for some users when they have mChat set to display new messages from the top, rather then the bottom. But this as a fix has not been 100% confirmed to be reliable.

Now one of our forum users have reported in a new finding that looks to be related to this problem, possible the cause of it to begin with.
I've found a bug of sorts that might help clean up some people's general problems with the chat sometimes not updating properly

When the focus leaves the chat for various reasons, such as opening the search bar with Ctrl+F or the history sidebar, sometimes when sending messages they won't look like they send. If you refresh the page, they'll show as being sent and you can send messages as normal. The most reliable way I've found to reproduce this behavior is with the Alt key in Firefox, which toggles the menu bar at the top of the window. Often times I'll not have realized I bumped the Alt key and my chat won't be updating properly until I refresh the page.
Since it was first reported very early on, it is unlikely to have been caused by our local configuration. But I can't be 100% sure of that either. Though currently I have no idea what change we have made might have caused the problem to appear.
This is a fairly common issue, so it's appreciated if it can be looked into.

Can it be re-created on other installations? If anyone can confirm this, please let us know.
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Re: Messages not updating bug

Post by kasimi »

Do you have any more info on this issue? More detailed instructions about how to reproduce it would help a lot.

You're saying this problem is most common for mobile users, but the user you quoted writes about hitting the Alt key. :?

mChat not updating anymore surely sounds like a JavaScript error, something the browser console will tell you more about.

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