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Re: mChat in Forums & Topics

Posted: 09 Apr 2017, 10:45
by kasimi
Updated to version 1.1.1. The latest version fixes a bug on the archive page when editing & deleting messages. You can find the download link in the first post. :+1:

Re: mChat in Forums & Topics

Posted: 10 Jun 2017, 15:29
by nicrun
Hi kasimi,
First of all, congratulations for your chat which is really great.
I use it on my forum with great pleasure and all my community is very satisfied.
You can see the integration on
login: test
password: testtest

I just installed the add-on "mChat in Forums & Topics": It works very well, I had to simply refresh the cache.

I have a suggestion: would it be possible to make the mChat appear on absolutely all the pages of the forum: "active topic" / "New posts" / "Messages without answers" / Forum / Categories / The pages that may be displayed.
Of course, the chat does not belong in the messaging / Administration panel and / or moderation

Thank you in advance for your response.

Re: mChat in Forums & Topics

Posted: 11 Jun 2017, 09:25
by kasimi
Hi nicrun and welcome. :wave:

Except for the ACP, it is possible to display mChat anywhere you want, but the scope of this extension is limited to forums and topics.

If you want to change the code yourself, you need two things:
  1. A core PHP event that is triggered on the page where you want mChat to be displayed. You can register a handler for the event by adding it around line 84 of the listener file.
  2. A template event where on the page you want mChat to be located. If you found one, have a look at ext/kasimi/mchatinforumsandtopics/styles/prosilver/template/event/viewtopic_topic_title_after.html. In the same folder, create a file with the name of your template event and use the same code in it.

Re: mChat in Forums & Topics

Posted: 12 Jun 2017, 12:53
by nicrun
Hi kasimi,
It's a bit too technical for me. I'm afraid of doing damage by hurting.
I will ask a friend who is more talented than me.
He will certainly come here to seek advice.

Re: [1.2.0] mChat in Forums & Topics

Posted: 05 Aug 2018, 10:32
by kasimi
Version 1.2.0 is now available. :+1: It requires at least mChat 2.1.0.

The extension now uses the same height that mChat uses on the index page (as configured in the ACP) for both viewforum and viewtopic, instead of hard-coded 200px. Also it fixes a bug when voting in a topic while mChat is displayed (reported here).

Re: [1.2.1] mChat in Forums & Topics

Posted: 02 Mar 2019, 22:39
by kasimi
Version 1.2.1 is available. :+1: It fixes an undefined offset PHP notice in a migration file (only happens on fresh installs) that was reported here.