Deselecting Groups in Rooms Invite Dialog

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Deselecting Groups in Rooms Invite Dialog

Post by Steve Garth »

I have mChat installed on a PHPBB 3.3 board, I also have mChat Rooms installed and everything appears to be working fine, except for one aspect;

When inviting a group into a room, and I then change my mind, I cannot deselect the group, I have to cancel. I can chnage the selection to another group, and i can deselct multiple groups except the last one, there has to be one gorup selected.
The only way t onot select a group is to cancel the operation and start again.
This video shows you what I mean;
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Re: Deselecting Groups in Rooms Invite Dialog

Post by kasimi »

This seems to be a feature that many are unaware of. You can read the details here: ... hift-keys/

In short: hold down the Control key and then click on the groups to select them, and click on them again, while still holding the Control key, to deselect them. This does not only work in your browser, but also in your Windows file explorer and all other lists that allow selecting multiple items. :+1:

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