Excellent Extension - one thing I may be missing

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Excellent Extension - one thing I may be missing

Post by jimmy »

This is an excellent extension. I went through the demo site. There is a lot there and it is quite slick. The one thing that I would have ideally liked to see (and maybe it is there somehow but I didn't see it) is for a user to be able to see the list of users that are in their current room. Perhaps something like - when you click a room to go in (and that room name is highlighted), below a list is presented that indicates who is currently in that room. And then of course if someone leaves the room their name would come off this list. If someone enters their name would be added to the list. This way the user will always know who is in the room with them.
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Re: Excellent Extension - one thing I may be missing

Post by kasimi »

Hi jimmy. When you're in a room, click on the room again and, assuming you've been granted the respective permission, you'll see a popup with a list of users who have joined the room. You can also kick certain users out of the room (again, if you have permission to do so). Note that this is not a list of users that are online at this specific point in time (you can use phpBB's Who is Online list for that). Also, the lobby does not have this popup because by default, all users are in that room.

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