[HowTo] Groups of channels (visual)

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[HowTo] Groups of channels (visual)

Post by BanterFace »

Requirements: 1.2.0 mChat Rooms (=3.2 phpBB).
(sorry for Russian but i think common sense is understandable)

1. Sort your channels (drug-n-drop)(if you're can't do this, check your user_permissions(of role, group or one user)→mchat rooms→sorting) in order you're want, but group with user-channels must be last (cause when user adds a new channel it falls on bottom of the list). For example, I made this:
2.1 Open your mine .css file of style you're use. For prosilver this file is ./styles/prosilver/theme/common.css.
Add these blocks at bottom:

Code: Select all

- This code is only accessible to donors -
2.2 How to recognize id of room?
Than press Ctrl+Shift+C and click on first channel of first group.
You'll get sth like this:
Look at parental <li> of your <span> with name of channel and get it's "id" (sth like mchat-room-12345), or look at bottom of window and get room's id from that.

2.3 Examle of working code:

Code: Select all

- This code is only accessible to donors -
My *id-of-first-room-of-first-group* is 1 (Кальморазговоры), *id-of-first-room-of-second-group* is 4 (Пикчи) and *id-of-first-room-of-third-group* is 23 (Кусочки текста).
3. Enjoy your grouped channels ;)
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Re: [HowTo] Groups of channels (visual)

Post by Voice4Vision »

This is a fantastic addition BanterFace. Thank you so very much!!! I will certainly be adding this feature to my site as soon as I can get a feel as to what rooms I should be having.
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Re: [HowTo] Groups of channels (visual)

Post by kasimi »

Excellent work BanterFace, thanks! :+1: stickied
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Re: [HowTo] Groups of channels (visual)

Post by terry2 »


I changed the code a bit and got this using room name not id (not that it matters).

My active room flash's
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