[HowTo] Make the input field use full width

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[HowTo] Make the input field use full width


Post by kasimi » 07 Jul 2017, 20:10


For these two simple edits to work, you need to have at least the mChat Rooms add-on v1.1.1.
  1. Rename ext/kasimi/mchatrooms/styles/prosilver/template/event/dmzx_mchat_body_before.html to dmzx_mchat_messages_container_before.html
  2. Rename ext/kasimi/mchatrooms/styles/prosilver/template/event/dmzx_mchat_body_after.html to dmzx_mchat_messages_container_after.html
  3. Refresh your board cache.
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Re: [HowTo] Make the input field use full width


Post by lopoto » 07 Jul 2018, 17:04

cool !

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