Doesn't obey the index location

Display mChat when viewing forums and topics, configurable in the UCP
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Doesn't obey the index location

Post by yorick » 22 Sep 2018, 09:17

This doesn't obey the user's "mChat location on index page" setting, and there doesn't appear to be another setting to use, either. I'd rather not have this sit always at the top.

I'm aware of "Sticky Footers" and will give that a try instead.

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Re: Doesn't obey the index location

Post by kasimi » 22 Sep 2018, 09:27

You are correct, it ignores the location on index setting because it's in viewforum and viewforum, that simple. :D

It's just a matter of finding a template event that's located close to where you want mChat displayed. For example, to move mChat to the bottom, you could go to ext/kasimi/mchatinforumsandtopics/styles/prosilver/template/event, merge the contents of viewforum_forum_title_before.html and viewtopic_topic_title_after.html, save it to a new file overall_footer_content_after.html in the same folder and delete the first two view*.html files.

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