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Re: Dice Mod + mChat (support/request)

Post by terry2 »

May update to to more dice.
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Re: Dice Mod + mChat (support/request)

Post by Bgagger »

steveDF wrote: 05 Feb 2020, 20:22 Martin's dice roller is great, but, unless I have missed something major, it only rolls 2d6. I run an RPG site and I'm looking for a full-fledged dice roller than can role all different size of dice. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
To my knowledge there is still no out-of-the-box working dice roller that works with mChat, other then Martins as shown above. Which works fine, but yes, it is restricted to only doing two 6 sided dice rolls at a time.
With some tinkering, I have altered the extension to throw one dice roll at a time. Without too much difficulty, it's mostly just cutting out some bits of the code and tweaking the display. So if you are willing to get down and dirty with the code that's doable. But it is still built around the concept of 6 sided dice.
Just be sure to make backups and have a separate sandbox phpBB installation to mess around with before thinking about doing any custom adaptations of existing extensions.
I think Martin mentioned though that he has been thinking about updating his original extension to support different number of dice, so you might want to poke him about that first if you're interested.

Currently we are looking at programming a custom solution into our forum setup, which is now in working order. For rolling different sided dice. Which is integrated into our own tailor made phpBB extension. So it is not an out-of-the-box solution either.
Though if anyone is interested in discussing custom commands for mChat or dice rolling in particular, from a programming and extension building standpoint. Feel free to give me a poke and we can exchange ideas.
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Re: Dice Mod + mChat (support/request)

Post by steveDF »

Thanks Bgagger, appreciate the advice. I'll see what Martin plans.
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Re: Dice Mod + mChat (support/request)

Post by miri4ever »

Well a few days ago I rewrote this whole thing with bigger dices and to rell 5 dices with 6 sites. It like dice Yahtzee now and it can display and sort your dices and show you after roll:

1 pair, 2 pairs, three of a kind, four of a kind, full house, small street, big street, and flush or yahtzee how ever you call it.

Well it can be doing only 1 roll each time with five, but for playing games it would be nice. There is a slight coming error in calculation for 1 pairs in some reasons inside my "you got a pair of xx message" but the dices are all correct.

I think its not hard to recode this for more or less sided dices. and you also can add or remove as many dices as you want with codes modifications. and sure the eyes of the dices could be symbols or anything. Only the imagination is the key.

If anyone want to see, help or some more infos about just contact me , it just the javascript code from DMZX Dice Roller rewrote and new dice images for bigger view.

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