phpBB 3.3 Update

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phpBB 3.3 Update


Post by Painkiller88 » 08 Jan 2020, 17:54


i know a lot people wanna update their boards now with 3.3 but i would suggest to wait a bit.

If you have none or not that much ext you can update and hope everything is working BUT if you have tons of ext you should wait.

Just passing the yml test does not mean the ext is working fine.

Many people already had a lot problems just updating the board, there are a lot of bugs in it and 3.3.1 will be released soon because of tons of already posted issues :)

no rush in updating to 3.3 it is nothing for the faint hearted :D

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Re: phpBB 3.3 Update


Post by </Solidjeuh> » 17 Jan 2020, 22:43

I upgraded from day 1 without any problems. Updated the .xml from many extensions by myself, and all 70 installed extensions works.
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