Anyone fancy a new project?

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Anyone fancy a new project?

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I have been working with a couple of coders the past month as well as the author of a new extension in development PG Social. It is a social network add on to phpbb and I think it is an incredible addition to create some amazing and entertaining forum networks.

The guys I have been working with are unavailable for next few weeks but I am seeing if the awesome coders on here fancy a challenge?

The PG Social extension does not have hashtags or a smiley box. I know mchat uses a smiley dropdown box and it posts the text of the smiley into the comment box. If something like that was added to PG Social it would be looking much better, the author doesn't want to add a smiley box because he can't be assed lol

Hashtags I am looking into as I may be able to implement it myself. I know many coders on this forum are probably busy, But I would be willing to drop a donation on their website and add them to the third party credits at the bottom of a new forum I am working on.

The github of the extension in development is ... If anyone decides to fork it to their own github let me know I will follow you.

Would be great to get some of you guys involved in this... If not, no worries happy coding :D :beer: :beer: :beer:

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