Rainbow name and sound problem

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Rainbow name and sound problem

Post by Warr007 »

Hello, i use a javascript in my theme for rainbow username.
The script is applied on .username-coloured.
So the problem is if i post me or other person who have "effect" on their name a message on chat, the name on mChat appear normal with Legend Color.
But if i refresh the page, name will be appear with rainbow effect, or glow.
GIF HERE: https://gyazo.com/eb15822e60a514b54d4d454dd46019e8

And a second problem, the sound don't work.
Any solutions to solve that?
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Re: Rainbow name and sound problem

Post by kasimi »

Hi Warr, whatever code adds the rainbow to the name when you reload the page must also be executed when a new chat message arrives. Without the code for the rainbow I can't help much further.

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